Tuesday, 2 April 2013

World of tanks 8.5 New Premium artillery - tier 3 Sexton

The Sexton is old news by now actually, we've known about it since 8.3, and it was included in 8.4 test server, in the hands of supertesters only however.

With a crew of 6 (two loaders) it will bring at first glance, quite decent bang for its buck - I expect the price to be between 900 and 1000 gold.

Armor won't be a pushover - 50mm front, 30 sides, means that tier 2/3 tanks won't have a free kill when they see you.  Top speed of 40 kmph with 400 hp engine will give it speed, though don't expect to be able to do Batchat 155 trolling pre nerf style. 
     The gun is a 25 pounder with 112 shells 0,47 acc, 7.5s reload before modules(!!) and 5,1s aim time, again before modules and  280/180 damage for HE and AP(Ap as prem rounds) Penetration values unknown. Don't expect splash damage. View range is decent - 360m, but its an open top vehicle, radio range is 570 - again acceptable for tier 3. 

All in all, in this configuration, the Sexton appears to be quite comfortable to play in, even superior to some regular tier 3 artillery - what it lacks in damage per shot, is equalized by the rate of fire, accuracy and armor. Oh yes - if is 30 tons ramming in close combat will be viable defensive tactic too.


  1. A TD that trying to be an arty?

  2. No one ever stopped arty from trying to be TDs... I see no reason why it the reverse can't be done.