Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Future inclusion in the soviet tree - the T35 heavy tank

Well then, since we started mentioning the interwar big projects with the M1921, its a shame not to go beyond the Iron Curtain right?

Lo and behold the benefits of ruling a country so big that only the British empire in its prime outmatched in size. The T35 - a tank that was more or less a propaganda vehicle, yet non the less received a full line of 60 vehicles. Damn right, where other smaller countries would, you know, try to  get tanks that were multi functional - the Soviet Union has one that was made pretty much only to look awesome on Red Army parades...and it did indeed look awesome.

Look at the sheer size of it! Yeah its no Baneblade, but let's cut the russians some slack, its only lacking 2-3 guns from the coveted "11 barrels of hell".

Now, the T35 has been mentioned more than a few times already, but I'd say there is a good chance we will see it soon enough - the prewar behemoths would make excellent low tier premiums. The tank is already modeled by Wargaming - the screenshot above is old news. I'd say it was simply not its time yet, but we are nothing if patient...except when it comes to arty nerfs.

So...about the T35 - first of all ,its huge! Like, nearly ToG/Maus huge. So if you need a bridge/street blocker for cheap - that's your man...I mean tank. At 45 tons with a 500 HP engine (11hp/ton) and a top speed of 30 kmph, its not exactly a speeder, and well, given its size I dare not ask about the traverse. However keep in mind that we are talking about tier 3 (4 is a bit too much for it) - once you get those 45 tons rolling, the train has no breaks - ramming at low tiers might get a new meaning.

Armour wise its going to suffer from windy weather - 30mm is the thickest. Basically everything will damage, as if its smaller cousin T-28 did not show it already.

Finally guns...I'll be the first to say - the T35 will be most fun once multi gun/turret support comes out. You have a total of 5 turrets and 3 cannons - short 76mm, and a pair of 45mm 20k. The other 2 are machinegun turrets(read - weakspots...on a tank that is a giant weakspot to begin with) Unfortunately the placement is such, that in most cases you will be able to align only 2 guns at a single target. You may refer to the layout graphic above to see what I mean. Still, depending on the traverse of the 45mm turrets, you may be able to fire a full broadside at someone if you angle at 30-45 degrees...Unfortunately we'd likely see this without multi-gun support - which would suck, but such is life. I mean the latter would mean a major rehaul - you'd need to include ALL gunners and loaders as well as the extra damaged guns and turrets IU...a lot of work indeed. Coaxial secondary guns are a piece of cake in comparison.

Thats it then...as WG says...when its done.

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