Monday, 22 April 2013

The new arty in 8.6 and what does it mean for the game?

 On several occasions, patch 8.6 was called bombastic. Considering that the main content of it is artillery, the irony is not lost on all of us. In the next patch the much awaited expansion of the artillery  trees will happen, which should supposedly help arty's rather game breaking involvement at the moment.

First the russians.

They get two tanks - the SU122-A. It looks clearly superior to the SU 5, yet the armament(if the name is anything to guess by) would be a 122. My guess, is that this will take the place of the tier 5 SU 8, pushing the rest of the line with 1 tier up. Hey, if its fast, maneuverable and fast firing, I don't mind!

Next comes the SU-14-1. Basically a first draft version of the SU 14, with open top. As such, it will probably have the 203mm B-4 gun, giving it superior firepower to SU 8, yet well, with being a prototype SU 14, it would still be inferior to the current 203mm holders. That means the SU 14 proper and the S-51 will be pushed up to tier 8, and the object 212 and 261 will take tier 9 and 10 respectively. That means no more god guns on mid tier games. Not something I'd complain about believe me.

The french also receive 2 tanks - first one is AMX Obusier automoteur de 105, that seems to be based on the AMX 12t. It does not take a sharp mind to guess, that it will go on tier 4, since the current holder of tier 4 in the french line - is based on the AMX 13 series of light tanks - the progeny of the 12t series. That will push the french line up with one vehicle. Considering it only has 155mm guns, there won't be that much of a firepower difference in high tiers.

Next one shall take the place of a tier 9, after the Lorainne 155 51.
The BatChatillon155 (1955) pretty much means that we will get the  benefits of the Batchat 155 one at a time. First we get a fully revolving turret, and then at tier 10 we get an autoloader. Smooth transition eh?

The germans gets 3 new pieces, instead of two, so expect another branching off somewhere, or a premium artillery perhaps?

 This thing is the GW 10.5 CM Mk.IV(e) armed with a 105mm gun. I have the itching feeling that it will be tier 3, pushing the grille to tier 5. Not sure, just a a gut feeling.

This one looks more fun and for a reason - it has a turret. Pz.Sfl.IVb will probably fill in a role same as the the Churchill gun carrier - link from the tank lines to the artillery line. 105mm gun and a turret suggest very consistent(if not very damaging) fire.

And then we get the GW 210mm Elephant...Basically another GW based on the Tiger P hull. It will surely go at tier 8, again following the policy that the 200+mm guns will start from tier 8+.

The US SPG line gets two tanks as well - the M44 SPG will go at tier 7, pushing the M40/43 up to tier 8(no god guns below tier 8 policy)

 Aaaand then we get the M53/55 which is one hell of a special snowflake.
I mean, it has a turret...which is in reverse of the vehicle...Ok, let's just say it looks damn strange and leave it there. I'd say GW Panther on steroids but until we see the gun, nothing is certain.

 One more thing - RU server will have another Art of War contest for 8.5. While its not announced officially that means we'd get one too once 8.5 is up and running in EU and NA servers, so get ready to earn some ingame goodies.

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