Sunday, 30 June 2013

World of tanks new maps for 8.7/ 8.8

Patch 8.7 is already in closed supertesting and likely to be in open testing soon.

Meanwhile we are getting two new maps. One winter aaand one summer map. Belogorsk seems a fairly open map, Great wall is an asian one which features...well duuuuh - the Great Wall of China? Needless to say the Wall is no decoration and the gates will be rather deadly chokepoints as you can see on the minimaps down below. The increase of asian maps suggests WG is trying to increase its foothold there. I don't know whats the situation with the chinese WoT servers, but those golden T-59s are a good indication. Hey, as long as we get some of the good stuff I don't care what they provide the chinese with.

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