Thursday, 13 June 2013

WoT funnies 7

- Neightbour's gone crazy. Says he'll make a Sherman costume for next Halloween.
- And I'm playing the Stuart.
- No shit...Well, guess I better be the Grille then.

I have the feeling I know what was this man doing all alone in a hotel room...

Two young mothers were chatting at the children's playground.
A - So where is your husband dear?
B- Said he had important task after work. How about yours?
A- Same. Important meeting after work.
B- Playing Tanks again?
A- You bet...

Only german tanks increase both in size and complexity of their names.

Only russian tanks keep getting smaller and lighter with every tier...until only a fuel tank and ammo rack with tracks beneath them remains.

Only in American tanks the steel ran out after making the turret and the commander's periscopes. 

Only in French tanks tier 3 has better armour than a tier 10. And the low tiers have motorbike engines...

Only the British refuse to believe in sloped armour...while borrowing engines for heavy tanks from the French.

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