Monday, 3 June 2013

World of tanks 8.6 test british tier 5 premium A33 Excelsior review

Standing a 41 tons in the right corner is the A33 Excelsior heavy tank - british tier 5 prem tank.

So what do we have here?

In terms of mobility, the A33 is surprisingly nimble for a heavy tank. 600 hp engine means about 15 hp per ton which makes the top speed of 38 kmph easily achievable. Also - while no T1 Heavy, the A33 is still no pushover and can go ramming stuff smaller than him. The thicker frontal armor will compensate.

In terms of gun...things are not so good. The british 75mm has only 91mm of penetration with AP which leaves you hanging and in trouble when facing other tier 5 heavies let alone tier 6 and above. Rate of fire is decent - accuracy and aim time, not so much.

Survivability - with frontal armor on the level of the Tiger tank, the Excelsior can be a tough nut to crack with AP rounds for most tier 5 tanks.  114mm front turret and hull will see to that. Just don't go angling too much - sides are only 30mm with about as much spaced armor added on top the tracks.


Things get mucky here. In the round above - I actually ran -5000 creds with a standard account (would have been +10 000 on prem acc). The prem shells cost 2800 each. Basically that means that if the A33 does not get preference MM limiting it to facing tier 6 max its going to be in trouble.

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