Thursday, 6 June 2013

Screenshots of the chinese 112 and E-25 TD

Wargaming released some official screenshots of the new premium vehicles. Not that we did not have leaked ones before but its nice to have more.

E-25 seems to be really tiny, especially for tier 7. About the size of a Hetzer... A Hetzer armed with L/70 and almost 20 RoF...

 Did we mention the 26 horse powers per ton and the 60+  kmph top speed? With the accuracy boost the 150mm penetration becomes an issue only with tier 8 HTs.

As for the chinese 112? Eh...another tank with russian playstyle. No comment here. Enough has been said about it and its 300mm penetrating HEAT. The new penetration mechanics though might play a bad joke on people who are already drooling about it.


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