Wednesday, 3 July 2013

World of tanks 8.7 MT 25

Well, its coming alright. The long awaited removal and replacement of T50-2 is finally at the gates.

First of all - the replacement - the MT 25 will be tier 6, so don't go comparing it with the Leopard ok?
Crew, XP and everything else will be either compensated or transferred. Oookay so what do we get?
The MT 25 will be heavier, a bit slower on the acceleration - same top speed but the engine has only 50 extra horsepowers. Armour wise we have an improvement - nothing serious, but you never know nowadays.

The top gun remains the same - the 57mm Zys. A buff in RoF is likely, since the tank goes to tier 6. Considering the MM of T-50-2, its previous owners should not feel any issues with the guns. They were facing high tier tanks anyway, where the 57mm barely qualifies for self defence (and setting tiger tanks on fire). At first look the MT 25 seems a bit inferior due to the not so cosmic acceleration, however it might be better at maneuvering and also - we don't know the ground resistance yet. We get an equal tank at worst.

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