Tuesday, 4 June 2013

World of tanks 8.7 - british artillery

Screenshots of (almost) all the british SPGs arrived.

It seem the British artillery will be closer to the classics. No fancy autoloading SPG on top.

The tier 2 I have already posted an article about. Its a Carden lloyd spg carrier with a 13pdr gun. I suppose it will play like a faster T-57.

Tier 3 is a version of the Sexton. Whether premium Sexton will see the light of day is debatable. Gun will be 25 pounder. Stats can be seen in the Sexton articles.

The Birch gun also has its own article. Good thing about it - huge traverse 180 degrees.

Tier 5 is the Bishop SPG - nothing unexpected here. Originally armed with 25 pounder but you will get a bigger one. Valentine hull, bad gun traverse.

Tier 6 is this unnamed as of yet SPG. No idea about it.

British tier 7 SPG is a model based on the Crusader hull. Expect good mobility and perhaps good gun traverse too - que GW panther version 2.0. gun is an 80 pounder. Not very powerful but likely to be quick firing (at least by arty standards after the 8.6 ROF nerfs)

 Finally a series of SPGs based on Conqueror hulls.

First one has a 152mm gun - quite weak for tier 8 but gun traverse and RoF might save it. All 3 top spgs are very similar and the construction of the casemate is the same so they should have decent horizontal traverse.

FV5806 as tier 9 armed with a 182mm gun - probably similar in behavior to the russian object.

Finally the top dog will have a 233 mm big stick. And good horizontal traverse of the gun...

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  1. Nice summary.

    The Tier 6 is an FV304, based on the FV300 chassis that was mocked up for late war era. Find a mock up model here:


    Tier 8 and 9 are Centurion hulls, the FV3805 and FV3806 respectively. They aren't Conqueror hulls.

    Glad for the pics!