Friday, 7 June 2013

Endless war trailer

Wargaming launched another CGI trailer for World of tanks. Maybe the population growth of WoT has dropped a bit? Not enough super peshings around here?(which will be removed from store by the way)

Second version of 8.6 test is up by the way. I doubt there will be a 3rd so patch day will be probably next week. I'd say stock up on gold shells people - HEAT and APCR WILL get more expensive for a number of tanks. It will hurt your credit income a lot. For some tanks using prem shells for silver will actually kill any chance for profit if you shoot more than 1-2...True there are things that might help - the increased income for high tiers and the so called "missions" might make using prem ammo more valuable...however let's buy cheap NOW rather than be sorry later.

1 comment:

  1. no sense in stocking up on prem ammo.
    as with both test versions, WG will most likely auto-sell all those changed (read: more expensive) prem shells for the full price