Saturday, 15 June 2013

Latest server statistics before the patch

Patch 8.6 coming soon fellow tankers(next week that is). Now this here is the latest server statistic for all tier 10 tanks. Not many changes in there. The Leopard 1 behaves about as expected for a new tier 10 tank - sitting at a comfortable 53% victory ratio. The Foch 155 is the only other tank with global win ratio above 53. Everything else has mostly settled in. The chinese top tiers are down to 50.something, even the T57 Heavy. Curiously enough the new "reward" tanks the M60 Patton, the VK7201 and the Object 907 are already included in it, even though nobody owns them (yet) and their stats are 0. I expect changes there after the first Global campaign is over. 8.6 is going to mess things up a bit. 

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