Friday, 27 December 2013

More T95E6 screenies

Few more shots of the model. Looks finished so we should expect this extra mini-branch soon.

I can already notice a number of protection issues.

Turret front lacks the large gun shield that saves patton so often. Yes - its better shaped, but until we know the actual thickness  i'd say thats a problem for hull down.

 The bigger problem for hull down is right on top - a huge tumor turret. I don't like the looks of that turret roof might just end up like the FV4202.

Hull has better angle than the Patton at least
 Not sure about the gun depression too, but it looks like it will be ok. God knows - this tank will need it!
Turret sides look vulnerable too - you will have to keep your gun trained on the enemy at all times if you want to bounce.

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