Sunday, 8 December 2013

How come I see these only now? A whole modeling section on WoT russian site

As it seems there is a whole section full with printable models on the russian WOT site. The BT-2 is only the newest addition, not the first of the line. There are about 20 models with some of the more iconic ones like Maus, T-34/76, Panzer IV etc. and some others.

There is even a Ratte in there

Not sure what's the scale though. Its tempting to try and make it, though its likely the cost to color print the pdf will make it almost equal to a Revell plastic model tank, so its not that cheap.

The first model was uploaded in 2012, this whole thing has been going on for 1 year by now. That brings the natural question - why its only on RU server? 1 year later, could they not find a brain damaged monkey to make a minor adjustment to the EU media section and translate the model sheets from russian to english?!

I mean really? No one in WoT EU can be bothered to do it? I've generally kept away from bashing WG-EU's team, but this one steals the cake for me. Its a nice, wonderful idea, that can help the game popularity a lot.

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