Friday, 13 December 2013

Wargaming's attempts to force WoWP on us.

Well you've probably noticed it so far. Ever since release, Wargaming is trying hard to make us tankers play sign up for WoWP.  First it was unified premium time - a lot of people banked on that by farming WoWP beta tokens, claiming months in prem account time.

Now we got the December specials calendar....And it seems someone thought it will be a great idea to mix in some discounted planes with the tanks. After the uproar that caused, there hasn't been any more I was about to say discreet, but WG is worse than obvious.

Now we get unified Premium account - again a minor call for - please please play our planes game.

Sorry governor, that has exactly the opposite effect and a lot of people are now adamant they won't even try WoWP.

I am not even mentioning the quality of the game itself, but thats because I am polite.

Make your own conclusions folks.

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