Thursday, 26 December 2013

New US tier X med tank T95E6

WoT news says 2000 HP, 120mm gun from E5 and decent maneuverability.

First of all - expect it to be part of a new line, probably starting at tier 8 - like the new russian meds.

There is already an ingame icon for T95E2 which is a predecessor prototype with 90mm gun and patton turret. It will probably be the tier 9.

So what I can dig about it. Front hull is at 65 degrees - 95mm armor, so don't expect miracles. About 550-600 horsepowers in the engines of the earlier versions - no idea how heavy it is though. Keep in mind - it might get a bigger one. I'd say -  nimbler Patton with a more accurate weapon?

I know Wargaming said - long break from implementing new tech trees after japanese, but a small branch looks doable. Even for them...

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