Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Behold the competition! (Warning - picture heavy!)

And oh, its a fierce one! Initially, Wargaming had to play catch up with World of Warplanes standing up to the already popular War Thunder. Now the tables have turned and Gaijin has to try and take on an already developed and popular World of Tanks. Well, the screenshots show who did his homework better.

 The devil is in the detail as many people say, and well - the rifled gun of the War Thunder KV-2 steals the cake.
How about the Night panther? (thats an infrared projector on top - for night vision)

  Notice the sooth on the IS3 muzzle brake - now that gun has seen some use!
 Unlike this one....

 Well then. Its too soon to write WoT out - they are in for a major HD graphics update, but at the moment, War Thunder simply does it better and that's not good for Wargaming. They were resting on old glories for too long and now the runner up has finally caught up with them. WoWP should have been a rude awakening.  The way they keep trying to force it to us on the WoT portal shows how bad things are.

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