Monday, 16 December 2013

Want to win an IS-6? Button up!

The global OVER! GG boys, you either win a VK, or you don't!

Now WG has another way of keeping us glued to the monitors...

If you can earn 100 000 XP with tier 6 tanks of each nation, you can win an IS-6 tank and some premium time! Not bad eh?

Now don't be so fast to cry foul. I think its perfectly doable. Especially if you have enough T6 tanks in garage or unlocked.
The event will go on for a month. From 16th to 16th.  I will take you just 25K XP daily to win an IS6. XP bonuses count - premium account, daily doubles and other bonuses WILL count, but only if you are in the top 10 XP earners of your team. This is a simple bot catcher though, I believe anyone serious can manage. Per nation that would be 3-4k XP daily just grind your doubles every day. Some nations like Germany with its many tier 6 tanks can be finished in just a few days if you have the tanks ready to play.

Now WG is not stupid and there is only one X5 event for the month - otherwise getting IS-6 would be trivial. Still, even with daily doubles only - its doable.

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