Thursday, 4 July 2013

World of tanks 8.7 test british artillery line stats

Well here they are, fresh from the test server.

First one is the lloyd gun carrier - a tiny fast moving 75mm armed arty piece.

Next one is the Sexton II which is quite like the one that was supposed to be a prem vehicle.

Tier 4 Birch gun has the same 25 pounder gun, but a veeery large traverse angle.

The Bishop is the first british arty to actually have a harder hitting gun.

After that we get something wicked. The FV304 is supposed to be an artillery piece. Only the low view range stops it from being a scout. 72 kmph top speed, 500 horse powers! Sure - the gun is the same 114mm  one from the Bishop, so as far as caliber goes the FV is the worst of the tier but still...

Nothing out of the ordinary with the crusader SPG...

Final line of british arty. A 152mm gun(hell its about time) and decent gun traverse.

 Same as above but with a 182mm gun...

Aaand the final word of british SPGs...233mm gun with 1.03 rate of fire, 8.5 seconds aiming time...and 1.1 accuracy?! Worse than T92...I sure hope the gun traverse compensates for it. No time to try it out yet.

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