Friday, 26 July 2013

Unified account system is being tested...

So the unified account system for all of Wargaming's products is being tested atm. As you know the basic premise is that the ingame currency will be shared by all your accounts. Basically if you have tons of gold on WoT, you will be able to progress very quickly in WoWP or WoWS. Personally I don't like WoWP but I will sure as hell love to have some quicker progress in World of Warships. I doubt anything else will be transferable though free experience might get in the deal too. Who knows? I'm more curious about the other ways of interaction between the two games.

Here's some examples.

Okay so you want to do a landing between regular provinces(NOT landing zones) in WoT right? However, the province owner has set up a naval blockade. You have to defeat him in WoWS  to clear the path for your landing. At any time you could try to earn an advantage, either to the naval or landing battle, by conducting an air superiority mission in WoWP. You achieve air superiority and the available enemy tokens are reduced i.e. he is forced to commit more troops to hold the area due to bombing etc.

Or how about a strategic bombing campaign? Thats a nice 4k province you got there...I'd be a shame if something...happens to it. Sure the attacker won't earn anything, but denial is just as good in some cases.

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