Friday, 5 July 2013

World of tanks 8.7 test E-25 german tank destroyer review

Finally we get to test the E-25.

The E-25 german TD is one veeery strange toy.  Short version is - a tiny fast firing and fast moving TD.
Long version...well here we go!

At 26 tons and 700 horsepowers, the E-25 packs more than 25 hp/ton when loaded with extra modules. That makes it faster than most med tanks. The top speed of 65 kmph is not for show - cruising speed is 50 and the tracks have good traverse too. As far as mobility goes, the E-25 steals the cake with flying colours.

With 830 hit points and fairly low armour, its not exactly built for slugging matches, but that's not the point of it anyway.

The E-25 is simply made in a way that suggests NOT getting shot at. Here you can see its size compared to a Hetzer. Yes - its about as tall as the ELC and with very good camo ratings too. The 75mm gun also has low demasking value when shooting. Basically your protection is camo, speed  a quiet gun and a tiny profile.

Your foes...are bottle necks. The E-25 is armed with L-70, a tried and tested weapon indeed, a true veteran of WoT ever since we had it on our panzer IVs.  0.3 accuracy and 1.5 aim time turns the E-25 into a masked MG position basically...However 150mm penetration at tier 7 puts you at a severe problem when bigger tanks arrive. Even with gold rounds, frontal penetrations are not easy. Of course you can (and should) simply flank the enemy and blast away with your 2700 DPM...but you can't do it at bottlenecks and choke points.

Oookay here's the verdict now. Nice tank, fun to play, but not for the average player. Its overpriced though - 7000 gold is a bit too much.

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