Monday, 8 July 2013

Chinese premium med tank T-34-3

First there was the T-34-1 then the T-34-2 aaaand well, guess what comes next? Why the T-34-3 of course!

Well, stranger sights have come and gone from World of tanks and (yet) another tier 8 prem tank is hardly surprising.

Now, whats the deal with this one?

Well, since we are talking chinese tanks - our comparison will have to be with the T-34-2, the other tier 8 chinese meds.

Compared to the T-34-2, the MK-3 seems to have a bit of an upper hand.

Armour wise hull and turrets are as follow :

UFP 90mm LFP 70mm  sides 50mm  Turret front: 190mm Turret side: 150/120mm for the MK3 compared to 70/45/45 hull and  180/12/60 turret for the T-34-2. As you can see the advantage is obvious. Better turret and better UFP cannot be denied.

As far as mobility goes, the MK3 has slightly worse power to weight ratio, since it weights 2 tons more but thats it. In terms of hull and turret traverse it has the same values as the MK2.

In terms of gun... - 122mm DT with 40 shells onboard. Very poor RoF - about 4 and 3.4s aim time but hey, who cares?!

All in all the T-34-3 in this configuration is exactly like the T-34-2, even with some advantages. Oh and you have prem tank status so you can farm all you want. Its NOT in the league of the T59, allthough it has more (and harder hitting) ammo onboard so you could potentially out dish out more damage with the MK3.

Basically yes - the tank breaks the doctrine of "inferior" prem tank compared to the regular of the same tier. Not so blatantly like the T59 but it does.


  1. I got some ingame pictures of this game. The supertest has already begun.

    I can post some to you :)

  2. Sure, though its visually the same as the T-34-2...