Sunday, 11 August 2013

World of tanks patch 8.8 New soviet line

It seems WG is trying to push out content at a suitable pace.

Well then, it was known for quite a while that 8.8 will bring us more Soviet tanks.

First one at Tier 6 will be the A-43. I suspect something similar to the T-34-85 but with 60mm UFP.  The MG tumor on top however, might be quite a liability.

 A-44 is a med tank with a rear turret(!)  as Tier 7.  Again - MG tumor on the turret. However, there is a fairly large dual MG port on the hull that will surely cause problems too. Ok now some good news - the turret on the screenshot is likely, not the top one. Oh, and we might get the 107mm Zis gun on this one.  Decent top speed - about 50 kmph, but until we see the specs its all speculation.

Now the real funmobile of the bunch (at least for me) Object 416 - basically a tier 8 ELC AMX armed with the D10-T gun. Its a bit bigger and slower but we get a rotating turret! Hooray!

Well... least interesting of the bunch - the Object 140. Its yet another UFO tank, nothing to see here. Likely to be armed with a 105mm gun so that its different from T62A. Apart from that nothing innovative to see here.

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