Friday, 18 October 2013

World of tanks Generals - Panzer Yu-Gi-Oh?

An article appeared in wotnews, showing some screenies and information about World Of tanks Generals, the upcoming browser based card game with(well duuuh) tanks.

With 3 starting nations - Germany, USA, USSR and more coming, it will be played on a 3x5 field with turn based gameplay. Players will have various decks that include HQs, tanks, artillery, bonuses etc. The Objective would be to destroy the enemy HQ card.

As expected cards will have various stats of attack and defense, and be able to move around the field. Also - just as with WoT, there will be a tech tree and creds and experience gain, allowing you to upgrade your vehicle park.

Oh look, your T-34 evolved into a 85! Well, something like that at least...Gold will be (as ever) present too, with its usual gigs - premium cards, consumables etc.

I don't know, might be fun...Or at least something to kill time while the servers are down/restarting?

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