Sunday, 13 October 2013

World of tanks 8.9 supertester vehicles.

Soo while the rest of us are busy trying to get into the test servers, which are, as usual, overloaded as hell, supertesters get some troll cars to play with. Info comes from FTR, so its reliable.

The Mk VI Light, 

A rather iconic tiny race car from Vickers Armstrong.

Ingame we already have one vehicle conversion - the german tier one arty, so you can guess the dimensions.

The actual tank we get is the MK VIC, armed with the 15mm Besa gun.

Odds are, that this will be a prem tank, probably a reward. After all, New Year's is coming.

The other one is the T7 combat car, US LT.
I believe that here we are looking at one of the variants of the M1 combat car -

Specifically, the M1A1, because of the turret shape. 

Armed with a 50 cal, its not exactly a powerhouse, but perfectly adequate prem tank.  

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