Thursday, 24 October 2013

World of tanks animations online

Just like everything else, WoT has gathered a number of fan works.

Jokes, art and photoshop aside - we have the animations.

Here are 3 of the top WoT animators on youtube.

First one is Ranzar, the most popular by far.

Ranzar updates fairly regularly and already made dozens of videos. There are also How To's for people who want to try making their own.

Next is Shootanimationstudio

They have both english and russian versions of their vids. (and censored and uncensored since there is some swearing here and there)

However not all of their stuff is translated yet.

Finally there is Studio70RU

They have much fewer vids but with good 3d animation.

You don't need translation either since there is no text or voice. Jokes are quite good though. Especially the Blue oyster...

Got any suggestions ? Bring them on!

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