Monday, 28 October 2013

Patch 8.9 coming out this week and some thoughts on the japs

The patch is coming out in a few days so you better get ready for it. We'd all get a shiny new tier 2 as a reward for the Golden Joystick aaand a ton of paper TDs to shoot with HE.

Anyway. Now about the japs. With 8.9 basically at our doorstep, we can think about 9.0 and the japanese tree.

Now the tree as a whole follows some basic guide lines. The tier 3 is the Chi-Ha which we already know.

 Next one is the Chi-He - very similar with a longer gun.

The following emerged about the Tier 7 - the Chi-Ri.

Its a 75mm autoloader with 3 round drum. The gun is a japanese copy of L/70. Now some may think that 75mm L/70 is a bit too shabby for tier 7 but I am not one of them. The tank will be the slowest tier 7 - capped at 45 kmph and not very well armoured, but on the other hand - its the maneuverability that counts. 3 round 75mm drum is not so bad as you might think. you will get 3x130 dmg and much faster reload times - If you have 12 RoF, the drum should be loaded in 10 seconds (less with modules and skills). Much better for pop and shoot than the 6 round drums of T71 and AMX 13-75. Of course if it has a poor engine and moves like a lame duck...

For the tier 10 - the following armour schematic emerged from FTR. I believe the best bit is the gun shield.
Its two part with outer and inner gun shield thats running a very respectable 300+mm when combined. However, the other tank with internal gun shield - FV4202 does not have it modeled so I'm a bit skeptical whether the STB-1 will get it done(and how).It is possible, since the STB-1 has an external gun shield, that WG can simply boost its thickest instead...but we will see.  There are still 2 months of 2013 left - plenty of time to release the japs. With the 2nd global campaign coming in a week, we certainly will be busy.

One more thing. With the purpose of the T7 combat car now being revealed ( Golden joystick reward) I can make a reasonable assumption that the New Year's eve Reward tank will be Vickers MK6

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