Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Second Global campaign rules

It seems its time to brighten up the CW scene again. The 2nd campaign will run in 3 stages and have both victory points for clans...and fame points for players.

Rewards seem pretty solid - top 10 000 players get the VK7201, top clans get a ton of gold
1st place - 1 000 000 (!)

This is a good change btw. As you should remember - in the previous Global Campaign, people who wanted an M60 could "migrate" to a strong clan and get one, even if they were noobs. Fame points will make that impossible - you will have to do your part. However, it is likely, that there will be "fame points" farming between neighbours - sending attacks and going for a beer while the gents pump up damage etc. We will wait and see what WG comes around with.

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