Wednesday, 27 November 2013

World of tanks 8.10 preliminary patch notes

Expect the test within a week or so.

- Japanese tree.
- added Soviet tier 9 medium Object 430V2 (to be researched from Object 416) and tier 10 medium Object 430
- Japanese premium Chi Nu Kai will be available from ingame shop for gold
- for supertesters, two new vehicles: SU-76i (tier 3 Soviet TD), Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu (tier 3 Japanese light tank)
- added new Japanese-themed map “Hidden Village” for testing (1000×1000, spring, village in mountain valley)
- following maps have been fixed and reworked for better gameplay: Karelia, Mines, El-Halluf, Airport, Steppes
Graphic improvements:
- reworked lighting on all maps: reworked the brightnest, contrast, color intensity, lighting sources were properly placed
- fog has been completely reworked
- added moving shadows from clouds
- added the option in graphic settings to select one of several presets for color, brightness and contrast settings
- completely reworked the bloom effect
- added the effects of sun rays (“God Rays”) and lens flare when looking at the sun
- added motion blur effect

Fixes and reworks:

- AP and APCR shells can now penetrate soft (breakable) objects, while suffering penetration loss, the object is destroyed in the process
- significantly reworked the Missions window
- added the info about current event bonuses and discounts into the client
- fixed the bug where some stats for some players on some tanks are missing ever since 8.9
- added some fixes in the Achievement window
- the possibility to gain epic achievements and medals in company games has been removed (including Survivor, Kamikadze, Raider, Bombardier and others)
- added numerous fixes in Team Battles interface
- fixed the bug where sometimes, the server-side settings for some users wouldn’t save properly
- added the possibility to record only one replay of your last battle: you will have one replay file only, containing the last battle you have played, that gets overwritten everytime you play a battle
- in the post-battle statistics, credits and XP for courageous resistance have been separated from all the others
- fixed the shape of T69 and T54E1 tanks’ turrets
- fixed the “IS-3″ turret armor of WZ-111 model 1-4 tank
- fixed the appearance of the pike nose of the Lorraine 40t tank
- fixed the bug where RhB WT drowned too early (in too low water)
- fixed the barrel length of the 12,8cm gun on RhB WT
- added the welds an a “window” under the aiming device for WT-E100
- improved the hitpoints of all tracks of all KV and IS tanks
- fixed the Object 140 turret armor
- Maus turret rotation improved by 2 deg/s
- Lowe buffed: upper side armor 20mm thicker, weight reduced by 2,5 tons, ammorack increased by 40 shells, improved elevation and depression angles
- fixed the performance drop bug during the appearance of the “tank destroyed” message
- fixed the bug where disabling voice chat stopped working in some cases when you exit the battle
- fixed the was damage works when hitting upper side of the spaced armor
- fixed the rare “ghost shell” bug (where shells pass thru enemy tanks)
- fixed the silhouette display, when you take cover behind a tank corpse
- fixed interface “flash freezes”, when displaying a large number of UI elements
- fixed the bug where the camera turns inadvertedly when you switch to artillery mode in the moment your SPG gets hit
- the free XP conversion from vehicles is now happening in the order in which the tanks are displayed in the window (upper ones go first)
- returned the “last time in battle” piece of information to the achievement window, that was previously removed
- fixed the bug where the average XP per battle displayed incorrectly for individual tankers
- fixed the IS-7 error message about radioman skills
- fixed the bug where players were sometimes kicked from server with “spam_protection” stated as reason
- fixed the rare bug with client crash during map loading
- fixed the rare bug of player losing control of the tank in combat
- fixed the bug where sometimes an incorrect type of shells was loaded instead of the planned one

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