Sunday, 3 November 2013

Patch 9.0 Japanese tier 10 STB1 armor scheme

As expected - the STB1 is pretty much an up-armoured Leopard 1. However, even an up armoured Leo is still only a Leo in terms of protection.

 The internal gun shield is (as expected) not included in anyway. Still, the turret is quite flat and glancing hits to the sides or the mantlet can bounce off. Its better than nothing. Same goes for the hull - a few extra mm -hopefully enough to make sure that Fv 4202 HESH can't penetrate you reliably but that's it.
Still, its fast, well armed and hopefully decent in terms of soft stats. I'd wager the difference between STB-1 and the Leopard 1 will be similar to that between the T62A and the Object 140.  One more thing - if  schematics are already appearing, that means progress on the line is quite good and we can expect it before New Years. I don't know about you, but I already have a Chu-Ni-Kai to train up some japanese crewmen.


  1. Only its all wrong. Basically this is a prototype of Type 74 (Nana-Yon) and its the same tank only the STB had 650Hp engine and was upgraded before mass production after adoption. The turret on Type 74 is same as in the game but the hull is just ridiculous . Hull stats are 189mm front upper plate 30 deg, 132mm lower plate 45 deg 90mm sides, 45mm back. 38t pulled by 650 Mitsubishi V12 4 stroke vertical engine(750 v12 in production model)... Hidropneumatic suspension 6 speed gearbox capable of 56 Km/h... In service from 1976-1988 as MBT of JGSDF(Japanese Ground Self Defense Force) Gun Royal Ordinance 105mm. The tank in the game is pure BS its slow weak and non maneuverable also has no gun depression(Type 74 has 12 deg GD) . 1 thing Japanese tanks had is maneuverability and ability to climb steep hills...

  2. Well, not the one to argue with you. Afaik the STB has 6 degrees depression - the rest is achieved via hydraulic suspension. Something that cannot be replicated in WoT yet. So they chose a middle ground. Yes - its ahistorical. As for the rest of it im not qualified enough to comment. :)