Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tier 8 RHM Borsig waffentrager tank destroyer review

You know guys, you might think I'm doing these a bit too slow but hey - I can't grind the lines faster! Besides proper testing can't be done on the test server(pun intended) where everyone plays like a retard.

Anyway - RHM Waffentrager...

Now here's a real find I dare say. A true high risk, high reward tank. Its not for everyone but I for once plan on keeping it.

So, what do we get? All the benefits of the Nashorn(except great gun depression) sans most of the flaws. Well, the Nashorn's only benefit is the big I guess we get a big gun without too many flaws eh? Works for me!

In terms of mobility, the RHM Borsig is average. Its not a tier 8 Hellcat, but its not a slowpoke either.
Top speed is 35 and you can reach it on flat ground. However traverse and engine power are no impressive. Less than 10 HP per ton so its sluggish. Still, you are following the idea of the previous tank, if not the spirit - so your main accessory is an awful lot of gun. Mobility is enough to get you where you are needed and having a turret negates some of the issues.

As far as protection goes, armour is non-existent, its open top, not that any HE shell would have problems penetrating and you have only 1100 HP. That said its not all grim. First of all, you have excellent camo rating and a turret(yes I love it) That means you are hard to spot and won't break your camo net bonus by moving the hull around. Also the vehicle is fairly low and thin - you are a hard target. Ground clearance is also very good - often shots would hit the tracks but miss the body of the RHM. Its not much, but every little bit helps.


The RHM can use the 128mm or a...heh sawn off 150mm. 128mm is better for long range work - more accurate, faster reload, better penetration with AP shells. Won't hurt your wallet. On open maps you can dish out a LOT of damage. Don't forget you are only tier 8! You have plenty of ammo, so you don't have to worry about making every shot count like the Sturer Emil. Just keep on distance and you will do good.
The 150mm is another deal. I use it with about a dozen AP, dozen HEAT and rest - HE. Key to making profit is knowing what shell to use against what target. AP penetration is low - barely 210 mm but thats enough for shooting tier 7 and below or tier 8+ flanks. Heat shells are same as in the E-100 so you can put the pain into anybody. Unfortunately RoF is only 3 - against the fast moving and fast shooting tanks at tiers 6-8 you really have to be careful. Long distance sniping doesn't work too well though you can certainly lob HE shells to deadly effect. I prefer the 150mm to the 128mm mainly because of the killing power. You do a lot of one shot kills, leaving the enemy no chance to retaliate. Considering your non-existent protection that's not a bad idea.

Comparison with ISU

Naturally the two 150mm wielding TDs must be matched.

The ISU has its gun mantlet and basic armour - you won't get messed up by mere 75mm HE shells. Also its cheaper to use since you don't need gold shell with better RoF.

The RHM has a turret(yes precious we love it) better view range - 400m, better accuracy and aim time and maybe slightly better camo rating. For me the RHM is superior, even if more expensive to use because of the HEAT shells.

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