Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sturer Emil Tier 7 german TD review

Sturer Emil, or the stubborn Emil. And indeed sometimes its stubborn like a mule, especially when trying to climb some hill due to the low HP/per ton but I get ahead of myself.

A lot of people were eager to see the Sturer Emil ingame, and got quite excited about its main (and only) feature - 128mm gun on tier 7.

Alas thats its only saving grace and as it turns out the trade off was not in your favour.
The Sturer Emil is big - hell, check the photo above. It is also slow - poor engine and a top speed of 25 kmph. Did we mention fragile? Yes due to the size - camo is mediocre and the armour? What's that? Well you get 50mm frontal and another 50mm gun shield which is just enough so that 75mm HE shells don't penetrate you frontally. Also the gun shield SOMETIMES saves you from 75mm AP. So yes - its big, slow, fragile, but surely there has to be one big can of whoopass it being that gun?

Mmmm...sort of. The Sturer has awesome gun depression - 15 degrees and great alpha and etc. However the horizontal arc is bad, you get 15 shells only, no gold shell and a bit lower penetration than the normal 128mm. Grinding towards it will be a challenge for your patience too.
    Basically  the Emil is incapable of carrying the battle. You will die or run out of ammo (tried and tested). What you CAN do however, is support the blob of allied tanks by sitting behind them and making the occasional enemy tank cry tears of rage. But are support. And thats it.

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