Monday, 25 February 2013

World of tanks update 8.4 - tier 3 german light tank Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. G or Panzer II G

In addition to the race car known as Panzer I C, update 8.4 will bring us the Panzer II ausf G, a machine that is by tactics, a polar opposite of the I C.

How and why?

First things first, let's describe the Pz II G. Standing at 11 tons when elited, with a crew of 3. Armour wise its similar to the Pz I C, though a bit bigger in size. In terms of speed and maneuverabilty though, the Panzer II G is nothing to brag about - the 65 kmph top speed is not something it can achieve by its own power.

To demostrate how it handles, here is a video of it.

The video brings us to the one specific point of the PZ II G - the gun. You will first encounter the 3cm M.K.103 gun on the Pz II G so you'd do best to learn its quirks now, because you will see it on the new Luch and leopard as well.

The 3cm is an autocannon, with a 3x2 magazine allowing for 180 damage per mag, and the quite impressive 95mm penetration(!) This is topped by poor accuracy, poor aim time and very long reload - 17-18 seconds.

Needless to say -95mm is quite the overkill for tier 3 and you will have no problems penetrating. The damage output however, combined with the slow reload mean that your offensive abilities at tier 3 are not very adequate. In comparison the 40mm Bofors on the Cruiser IV can dish out 200 points of damage every 5-6 seconds with better accuracy and aim time. Ok, so if you can't fight other tier 3 tanks, what CAN you fight? The answer is in the video as well - you fight big fish. 95mm is enough to punch through KV1, T-1 Heavy as well as Panzers, shermans and t34-s frontally. Thus where other tier 3 tanks can only grind their teeth in anger when placed in a tier 5 game, the Panzer II G, simply locks and loads. In this matter its a polar opposite of the Panzer I C.

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