Friday, 22 February 2013

World of tanks patch 8.4 test 2 notes

Yesterday the first test of the upcoming patch 8.4 ended and test 2 began.

Those are the changes listed, though Im sure as always, that we will find other stuff, not mentioned in the notes.

- 0.8.4 MM and vehicle MM weights have been finalized
- fixed (finalized) the armor of Brit TDs: AT8, Alecto, FV215b, Tortoise
- finalized the XP and credit prices of new Brit TDs and German light tanks
- fixed minor model bugs on 110, WZ-131, Pz38tNa, Hetzer
- fixed model bugs on IS-6, Churchill, M6A2E1 (incorrect proportions)
- fixed the firing effect of Valentine AT
- fixed the lower frontal plate thickness of Panther, Pz V/IV, Panther M10, Jagdpanther
- fixed the correct thickness of the weld between lower and upper frontal hull place on Conqueror and Caernarvon
- fixed the tech tree location of the British premium TD AT-15A
- fixed the E-100 frontal armor bug
- returned the old depression to E-50 and E-50M
- Churchill GC is now unlocked from Churchill I
- 183mm HESH for FV215b now costs 20g
- fixed the bug where multiple critical hit sounds are incorrectly used when the player switches between tanks in post-mortem mode
- fixed some tutorial texts
- fixed the bug where there are missing cases of reports of damage when the vehicle gets detracked
- fixed some tutorial bugs
- fixed some environmental model bugs
- fixed some menu issues with accounts that are not in clans
- fixed the bug where the trees don't load, if the client is minimized during the battle loading screen
- fixed FPS drops on some configuration when explosions and fires are rendered in sniper mode
- fixed the bug where the HE damage is not randomized when the shell lands near the tank and not on it
- fixed the client crash when alt-tabbing during the battle being loaded in some cases
- fixed the incorrect display of battle data in post-battle statistics
- fixed the bug where some accounts crash when loading the garage (desynchronisation of one part of the garage)
- fixed the appearance of mouse cursor when pressing right ctrl
- fixed some problems with screen refresh rate (frequency)

Unfortunately there isn't much done to the new vehicles to warant much discussion. The british tier10 TD - the FV215B stays as it is, only the 183mm HESH shells would cost you 20 gold or a whooping 8000 credits. Definitely not the nerf that a lot of people were asking for. The shell still does 1750 damage on average and on penetrating hits it will earn you about 15-16k credits, 5-6k if you just splash someone. Sure this will make people more carefull with flinging so much money in the air, as if they did not with a TD that reloads for half a minute. Important factor for the british TD line, is that we can start our way from Churchill I . As it seems the branching was done wrong in test 1. E50 series gets its gun depression back which is well and good but otherwise thats it.

Something that will need testing is the supposed fix for the UFP and LFP seam on the british top heavy tanks, aparently there was a gap in the model - possibly one of the reasons for the horrible splash damage that the FV215B tank took from any artillery piece. The seam should be the strongest single part of the front hull, and right now should stand at 254mm - sufficient against most guns in the game.

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