Monday, 25 February 2013

World of tanks update 8.4 test 2 - tier 3 German light tank - the 8.4 Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C or just Panzer I C

The new update will bring us new faces in the german light tank branch. One of them is the Panzer I C, a new high speed, machinegun tank. And boy does it have things to offer...

The first thing that catches the eye is a top speed of 79kmph(!). No, thats not a typo, since it was not fixed in Test 2. The tank is indeed capable of reaching that speed(though with difficulty) and has the turn rate to supplement it too.

With view range of 340, and 700 radio range - its abilities as a scout are more than adequate for tier 3.
The armor layout is, actually quite decent too - 30mm front turret and hull.

Two crew members mean its good for fast training of a driver/commander.

Here you can see it on a quick test run showing both the speed and the gun.

Ah yes - the gun. The Mauser AT machinegun is a little wonder. With 33 penetration, it can fire 40 shots in 5x8 bursts for a whooping 360 damage. Of course a good deal of that will bounce of course, though if you are experienced in driving a T2 light tank, you'd know what to do to avoid it. Loading a new drum takes less than 10 seconds which is another bonus. In fact you pump out so many shots, its possible to run out of ammo.

Now the cons. Its not all good here. While the Pz I C can wreak havoc in a tier2-3 game, versus tier 4 and 5, the top gun is virtually useless, and you are relegated to scout duty and hoping your team is decent. The two crew members is both a boon and a problem. As with the Hotchkiss, its not unlikely that you will be knocked out from losing your crew before your actual tank is destroyed. Still, those are minor issues that all similar tanks suffer from. 

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