Thursday, 12 September 2013

World of tanks patch 8.9 - the Waffentragers

8.8 was not yet out when the first screenies of the new german TD line meant for patch 8.9 came out.

Its going to be a full line, starting from tier 4, so we get half a dozen new vehicles.
As it was said before - the waffentrager line will be made of glass cannons. Just how glassy and just how much cannon we are talking about?

First to the fight is a relative of an old favorite.

The Marder III is the same old package with some new flavour. 40 kmph top speed, a 75mm gun, paper armour, but not quite, there is a 50mm plate up front, likely the hull. All the Waffentragers are open top vehicles so expect higher than average view range and higher than average KOs from HE shells.

Next one at tier 5, comes the german answer to the french mobile bath tub. The Pz.Sfl.IVc, armed with a long 88mm gun. I doubt it will be anything to write home about, but the big gun will probably put some fear in those KV drivers.

At tier 6 we have the Nashorn. Armed with 88mm L71 it will probably play very similar to the dicker max.

Having fun yet? Well don't open the beer so soon. Here is what I hope will be the real gem of the glass cannons. The Sturer Emil. Carrying 128mm at tier7, the Emil WILL pack a punch. It might be a bit slow though, and the whole paper armour thing still counts.

Well, it was nice so far but how about an even bigger caliber? The tier 8 is the Rheinmetall Borsig waffentrager, armed with a short 150mm gun. It will likely be quite the heat/he platform.

The tier 9 however raises some eyebrows, at least in me. Waffentrager auf Pz IV, armed with 150mm L38.

Its not the gun -its the hull. Panzer IV hull will be laughed at by anything resembling a gun. With HE shells too, I might add. On the other hand it will be really small, compared to pretty much all other tier 9s...but still, PZ IV hull....

Aaaand finally the big stick. Waffentrager E-100, built on the E-100 hull, armed with 150mm L/38 WITH an autoloader and a turret. I fully expect every shot to that turret to penetrate, but it will be nice to surprize some med tank from behind a corner with 3 150mms up his ass.

 That's all for now. Stats will probably start leaking soon so stay tuned.


  1. thought the WT E 100 had 4 shells in is clip, oh well.. by the way i wonder why you are so late to post this :o its even posted on the wot forums by developers!